It’s at this stage in the year I start to look back and wish I had tracked all of the magical wins that I’ve had along the way.  I’m not talking the big hitters here, for they are usually so memorable we tend not to forget the likes of that huge career move or the purchase of a new home!  No, I’m talking about the little subtle things that unfold over the duration of the year that start to realise a manifested vision that you had about what it is you want to invite into your life.

I’m not going to pretend it’s all happened, the additional family member is a work in progress for example!  But, so much has that it’s almost freaked me out.  I now believe fully that doing the magic; the bit where you dare to vision, write it, feel it and imagine it as already existing in your life; actually works.  For me, the vision bit is the first step, the rest is a daily practice in coming back to the vision and putting into practice those things that will help to realise it.  Getting up ten minutes earlier so I can do a daily meditation practice, dancing like a loony with my toddler to the radio before breakfast so I feel the love that I want our family to be enveloped in, being present as I move through my daily interactions with loved ones and strangers alike, all of this helps to feed into a wider vision of moving through life feeling abundance rather than feeling like I’ve never got enough time, money or that in some way I’m not enough.

So, that’s why I love to use this time of year as a juncture to invite you to take stock of the year that you’ve had.  To be able to see where the highs and the lows were and to pause and suspend in a moment of reflection.  Asking yourself, what’s your default mindset?  Are you constantly feeling like life is a struggle and if so, notice if that’s being mirrored back to you through the events of the year you’ve had.  Or, are you a glass half full person and you regularly experience what others call luck!  It so often is a case of what we put in, we’ll get back.  Try walking down the street with a frown and 99% of people will frown back at you, but walk down the street smiling and most people will smile with you.

The next part of this self-reflection is about letting go.  This process of non-attachment is about not letting the successes or perceived failures define you but rather seeing it all as an opportunity for personal growth.  Maybe you need to let go of the fear of failure or the need to be always doing in order to move towards the life you dare to dream of?  There is always so much to learn in those moments when life doesn’t go to plan.  The biggest lesson for me is in those moments, is about learning to trust. To trust that if I have a vision, do my daily practice that feeds my vision, if I keep doing the magic and if I believe I deserve what I am asking for, then all is coming.  And even if it doesn’t all happen, at least I’ve enjoyed life far more believing that it just might!

So, for all of you believers and non-believers alike, I invite you to join me in the run up to 2019, for a very special manifestation workshop.  Be prepared to vision big for yourself and who knows what exciting developments might be coming your way in 2019.  Full details below.

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