Balasana 2 (2)

Now that Autumn has kicked in and the leaves are turning beautiful shades of crimson and red, this is the time when you might start to feel a little bit discombobulated.  Unlike mother nature’s ability to adapt to the change of season, the trees shedding their leaves in complete faith that they will stand tall through winter only to be blessed by budding new leaves come Spring, we may find ourselves feeling twitchy, flighty and ungrounded.

So here’s my go to pose whenever I need to reconnect, ground, chill out and stop spinning out.   Use it between your vinyasa flows or stay here for 10 minutes with a bolster or pillows under your torso.  Breathe in the support of the earth beneath you and breathe out creating space for stillness within yourself.  Enjoy the pause between the inhale and the exhale, take time to switch off and reconnect.