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Needing to decompress and rest?

Join me on this magical morning of yoga where I will share some potent and practical yoga tools to support you through the darker days ahead. 

9:15-12:15 OMH Therapies, 1a Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh. 

£30 Includes vegan chocolate treat and warming chai tea.

Through intent, ceremony, pranayama, asana (poses), partner work, hands on assists and practical lifestyle tools, expect a safe haven for you to hit the pause button, to check in with yourself and to really tune into where you are sending your energy right now.  Explore the use of props and blocks to unravel you, balanced with strength work to empower you, capped off with a guided yoga nidra to woo you into a state of deep relaxation and rest.

We will play with the polarities of light and dark; being introspective whilst opening your heart; building strength whilst encouraging surrender.  Challenging the perception that slowing down is lazy and exploring the importance of paying attention to yourself and your relationships with those around you.

This workshop is the second in the series that is aimed at bringing your practice off the mat and into everyday life.  As someone who has always run from darkness and constantly feels the pull to ‘do’, this workshop really does come from the heart as I share my own personal yoga toolkit towards a more harmonious and joyful existence where both light and dark can be celebrated. Added to this, the practice is heavily influenced by the teachings of Forrest Yoga and Forrest Yoga Guardian, Jambo Truong, that have helped me deeply in my own journey towards healing.

Expect to decompress, sacredly connect and meet yourself in a place of heart embracing rest.

Sign up now and learn what it is to embrace what Brene Brown so beautifully put into words, your own “Strong back, soft front, wild heart.”

Exchange: £30.  To secure your spot or if you have any questions email

*Workshop numbers will be kept low to ensure individual attention.

Can’t wait to see you there…


From Indecision to Vision – Caroline Yoga Workshop 29th April 2018   – LIMITED PLACES 

April image

Join me for this powerfully transformative yoga and vision board workshop that will invite you to uproot those obstacles that might be holding you back and step you forward into Spring with a clear vision of what it is you would like to invite into your life.

Perfect for those of you feeling stuck in a rut, who feel you lack creativity or are just unable to take those next steps into making your future vision a reality.

This multidimensional workshop combines yoga with a potent and effective coaching tool known as vision boarding.

Yoga poses will concentrate on releasing areas prone to stress including the neck, jaw, shoulders and back with a strong emphasis on opening up the hips, often considered the dwelling place of self and the seat of creativity.

You will then be guided to create your own vision board, leaving with action steps that will move you towards that vision of a life in which you do not just survive – but you THRIVE.

This workshop is part of a series that is influenced by the teachings of Forrest Yoga Guardian, Jambo Truong and transformational life coaching skills delivered by the The Little Volcano, both of whom have helped me deeply in my own journey towards healing and finding joy in everyday life.

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney

Register now to secure your spot or if you have any questions email

*Workshop numbers will be kept low to ensure individual attention.

Can’t wait to see you all there…
*Workshop is £35 which includes art materials and a little vegan sweet treat to aid in the creative process!

**For any cancellations there will be no refunds or transfers unless your place can be filled from a waiting list, in which case I will refund the fee (less a 10% admin fee). If the workshop is cancelled you will be offered either a cash refund or the option of being transferred to an alternative event.**

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