Corporate Classes

Most companies these days recognise the correlation between employee wellbeing and staff productivity and attendance.

As part of this commitment to employee wellbeing, I currently offer onsite yoga to a number of corporate businesses in Edinburgh.

As someone who has come from the corporate world, I know for most people, an hour’s lunch break isn’t long enough to make it to the gym and back.   Added to this, many people nowadays work through their lunch breaks such is the workload and the pressure to meet deadlines.  However, research has shown that by taking time away from our desks, we return with far greater productivity.

Workplace yoga enables you to commit to a regular practice within your daily routine, provides a little space in the day for you to reduce stress in the body and the mind and leaves you feeling fitter and healthier both mentally and physically.

If you would like me to come to your office for a pre, post or lunchtime yoga class, please contact me to discuss your requirements.


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