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Over the course of the last couple of years, I’ve been opening up to my creativity again and with pencil and paintbrush in hand, have come up with some yoga illustrations of poses that really resonate with me.  From the strength of a warrior to the surrender of a child’s pose, I painted those poses that have felt healing and empowering.  I wanted to share that same love and connection that I felt in these poses with the wider world, so that you too, could feel the love and sanctuary I feel when I’m in those poses on my mat.  So, the yoga post card set of six was born!  They are simple and striking, make a thoughtful gift for that special yogi in your life and equally look great framed up and on the wall in your home.  Each post card is blank on the reverse leaving you plenty of space to write your own personalised message.

More importantly to me though, is that these post cards give the gift of yoga.  Every £1 per pack sold goes towards Edinburgh Community Yoga Outreach, an innovative charity whose work includes yoga for addiction and trauma.  Being able to give back what I have been able to get in the way of healing from yoga, is definitely part of my life’s calling.  So, I am reaching out to all of you reading this to help support my mission to raise funds for this valuable cause.  You can buy your pack here today. or if overseas .  You get some beautifully illustrated cards and someone in need of support in our community gets to benefit from yoga.  It’s a win win!

Price includes postage and packing – please complete your address details in paypal.


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It’s been an absolute age since I’ve popped by to update you all on the latest news of all things Caroline Yoga.  My baby is now two, life is busy and I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to write an inspiring blog and to let all of you following this page know that I’m back!  However, I now know that there is no perfect time, that life is a juggle and that if something needs doing, better have it done than perfect, (which doesn’t exist anyway)!  I have exciting news to come of yoga artwork post cards I’ve been working on, of upcoming yoga workshops that will take you deeper on your yoga journey and give you an opportunity to play as well as news of an inspiring yoga festival that I am part of and that I hope you will all come along and enjoy.  So, watch this space, I promise I’ll be back much sooner this time!